Astro med dash 8 x software

Its innovation, coupled with exceptional responsiveness and technical support, creates solutions that make it easy for users to capture, read, process. Rent or buy the dash 8 pm by astronova in the data loggers industry at. See here for a list of software release notes, replacement parts, specifications and. Sample rates can be varied from one sample per minute to 200,000 samples per second per channel, providing capture rates for any application you have. Dash 20hfhs dash 18x dash 18 dash 8xe dash 8xer dash 8x. With its intuitive interface, this windowsbased program gets you up and running in minutes. The unit records 8 channels of data from dc to 25 khz real.

As the successor to the dash series, the ddx100 includes everything needed to acquire, visualize, analyze and store data in one device. The astromed dash 8x data acquisition recorder is a powerful data acquisition and recording system. The astromed dash8 recorder can be powered by an internal battery or external 120220 vac. Astromed dash 8 pm power monitor data acquisition recorder. The astromed dash 8 pm power monitor data acquisition recorder has combined the versatility of the dash 8xe with the innovative astropower monitoring software to give you the all new dash 8xpm. The information below lists the model number, serial number, and software version number of your chart recorder. Please contact astro med if you have any questions regarding the use of other modules.

Astromed dash 18x rhs rackmount chart recorder with. With a builtin touch screen display, modular signal conditioning and highspeed data capture directly to a hard drive, the dash 8x has all the. Thank you for choosing an astromed data acquisition recorder. The smartcorder ddx100 is a compact, lightweight and extremely portable allinone data acquisition system. A dedicated 18 gb hard drive lets you capture hours, days or even years worth of data.

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