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Season 3, episode 7 finds the student sometimes referred to as waitlist dippin it and doin it with new crush laurel, spontaneously lying to new york city cops about having witnessed. Tom cavanagh killer frost danielle panabaker guest. How far is he willing to go to make sure the future never happens. The official synopsis for the chapter reads as follows. Watch the flash season 3 episode 21 online cause and effect. In a flash forward, oliver queen struggles to climb a snowy mountain. Find out what steps team flash takes toward the final battle with savitar in the synopsis for the flash season 3, episode 21, cause and effect. The rationale for this notion is because little is known about earth 1 jay.

How did you become savitar the flash 3x21 youtube flash barry allen. The flash season 3 theories and predictions spoilers for season 2 i have been wondering ever since i finished season 2, should barry spoiler alert have saved his mum. Saving his mum created a time paradox, and even he cant outrun a time paradox. May 21, 2017 the flash episode 23 is the final episode of season 3 and barry looks to battle savitar in an epic showdown. Hank and monel bring a comatose kara to earth1 after music meister says that hes coming to take on flash. Another popular fan theory is that earth 1 jay garrick may be zoom. Its a definite oversight in an episode that is arguably more. Its brought up again in the deleted scenes for the episode.

Cw has renewed the flash for season 4, and it will not feature a speedster villain. Oct 21, 2019 this is us fan theories are exploding on social media. Here are some fan theories big bang theory season 10 finale. All photos come directly from the agencies that own and distribute them unless otherwise stated. Cause and effect drastic times call for drastic measures and next week, barry and team flash put a very risky. The flash 3x21 cause and effect season 3 episode 21 inside barry grant gustin takes drastic measures to stop savitar. On the flash season 3 episode 21, barry takes drastic action to stop savitar. Nov 07, 2017 according to the flash season 4, episode 7 press release, the flash and the thinker will come facetoface and new information will be revealed in the nov. We first learn that angela has a sister in season 3, episode 10, a benihana christmas, however she states that her sister and her used to be best friends and havent talked in 16 years over some disagreement she doesnt even remember. Over the years, tom has built a strong relationship with aspects of the various fan communities. The good thing will be that he will be with his mum but that means that he will lose his speed.

Its no coincidence that the best flash episodes this season have been the ones to fight back against the. The synopsis for the ninth episode of season 8 teases how mia. The epic dc comics crossover event was teased in the very first episode of the flash. This article contains spoilers for the flash season 3, episode 21. In our last episode, we finally found out that savitar the speedster robot god was actually evil barry allen from the future. May 09, 2017 episode 21 is titled cause and effect and will air on 9 may at 8pm est on the cw network. Comic book fans didnt have to wait long to see the flash trade blows with his iconic archnemesis dubbed the reverse flash with the mid season finale ushering in the villains arrival. Bee louise flash fans dot org takes no credit for any images on this site. The wait for new episodes of the flash is almost over as the show officially comes back next week with 3. Last tuesday, dc revealed that wally west keiynan lonsdale will don an adapted version of the kid flash costume in the premiere episode of.

Spoilers ahead for season three of the flash, including savitars identity. Season three of the hit show is underway, and in this episode of absurd fan theories, we hear from marisol nichols who plays hermione lodge on falice shippers, whether charles is still. Watch the flash season 3, episode 21 cause and effect. This is us season 4 theories that will just break your heart. In the flash season 5, episode 21, thawnes clock finally runs to zero. Crisis on infinite earths can still kill off the flash. The first episode of the season premiered on the cw on october 4, 2016, and was watched by 3. The third season of the american television series the flash, which is based on the dc comics. Comment barry devient savitar the flash, the flash grant. Hr drums nervously and talks a mile a minute effect. Barry loses his memory in an attempt to stop savitar from knowing what happens, but the plan backfires and things get silly. The flash season 3 theories and predictions spoilers for.

Flash fans dot org does not take any responsibility for images or information located on sites linked to. Meanwhile, reporter iris westallen candice patton uncovers a vast conspiracy. Wells that shifts to more direct means of manipulating events if he really is a speedster, then a mirage hiding the fact that hes inflicting wounds on himself. With flash season 3 coming to an end, we want to know which fan theories are going to come true. Season 3 is the last season in which jack has more than one centric episode solely to himself. Harrison wells go into his secret vault and load up a newspaper article from the future, precisely the year 2024. The flash 3x23 extended promo finish line hd season 3 episode 23 extended promo season finale 0. Early on in season 3, a lot of fans started theorising that serac wasnt actually a person that if he ever did exist, hes now dead, and what were seeing is merely a projection. His dad is dead so he will probably want to get the earth2. See more at the flash season 3 episode 21 cause and effect extended promo.

May 09, 2017 the flash season 3 episode 21 online, the flash season 3 episode 21 full episodes, the flash season 3 episode 21 replay, the flash season 3 episode 21 online. May 25, 2016 our theories on what that major flash twist means for the show going forward and the arrowverse as a whole. The flash fan theories about season mystery girl played by actress jessica. May 10, 2017 on the flash season 3 episode 21, killer frost returned with an interesting proposal. The article reads flash missing vanishes in crisis alluding to the iconic comic book storyline. May 17, 2017 there have been a lot of rumors floating around since the events of last nights episode of the flash, and it looks like this new extended promo may have debunked the most popular fan theory. There have only been four episodes of this is us season 4, but that has not stopped the fan theories from exploding on. The shows first episode confirmed it was the man in yellow who sent barry allen grant gustin on his current path by murdering his mother and framing. The below contains major spoilers for season 3, episode 9 of. Fans of the flash are still reeling from the reveal that savitar was the future barry allen. There are a lot of westworld season 3 theories here. The latest episode of the flash has finally revealed thawnes. I especially loved that he prefers to go by the name bart a nice nod for comics fans. Dec 10, 2014 the climb is the ninth and midseason finale episode of the third season of arrow, and the fiftyfifth episode overall.

Oct 10, 2017 the fourth season of the flash premiered on october 10, 2017, on the cw and concluded on may 22, 2018. The flash season 3 episode 23 s3e23 spoilers, air date. Cause and effect we start right where we finished last week, with future barrysavitar taunting the flash. Dozens of important characters and a complex plot have made diehard viewers try to. Arrowverses future after crisis on infinite earths.

After eight seasons, game of thrones fans will finally see if their longheld theories will pay off. For more fan theories as to what the future has in store on game of thrones, check out our gallery below. The flash season 3 episode 22 infantino street discussion. The flash 3x21 inside cause and effect hd season 3 episode. Game of thrones fan theories for the final season variety. Cisco and julian come up with a desperate plan to stop savitar once barry tells them who he is.

Theorists can argue elaborate misdirections, or a future version of dr. Dec 10, 2014 the mid season finale including a fight scene between the reverse flash and dr. The first episode of season 3 is called flashpoint paradox apparently. Jan 21, 2020 in a season 3 flash forward, a much older toby was shown not wearing his wedding ring and kate was nowhere to be found, leading many to worry that their marriage will be in jeopardy. Riverdales season three finale weaved in a surprising amount of plot twists and turns, putting a cap on the past three years of horrors that have plagued the town. The flash just blew up the entire dc universe in the season 2 finale. The second season of the american television series the flash, which is based on the dc.

Today we got a new episode synopsis for episode 21 of season 3 which is titled cause and effect which will officially air on tuesday, may 9. Caitlin snowkiller frost, carlos valdes as cisco ramonvibe, keiynan lonsdale as wally westkid flash, neil sandilands as professor clifford. It took every bit of 20 episodes, but barry now knows that at some point in the future, he will turn. The flash fan theories that are the most popular right now. Arrowverse fan theories that still could come true cbr. Main cast grant gustin as barry allenthe flash, candice patton as iris westallen, danielle panabaker as dr. Barry loses his memories in an attempt to stop savitar from taking power. It is also the only season where one character has the most appearances.

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